This weekend Understanding Women opens at the Bridgetown Repertory Club. Another hilarious comedy from NZ playwright, Devon Williamson, there is something for everyone in this one.

Three very different mates gather in a garden shed for the weekend, determined to crack that age-old mystery of women. They bring with them a carton of beer, some women’s magazines, and a holy book. But after the first beer it’s obvious this task won’t be as easy as it seems. So begins a chaotic, comical weekend involving cross dressing, DIY and barbecuing, soul searching and a few drunken antics. The guys may not come to understand women but the audience will have a great time watching them try!
Directed by Brian Baker

Tickets at the Visitor Centre.understanding_women_epl5-2250001-small

Shows: Fri Mar 9th, Sat Mar 10th at 8pm, Sun Mar 11th at 2pm
Fri Mar 16th, Sat Mar 17th at 8pm, Sun Mar 18th at 2pm

Doors open a half hour earlier and bar and kiosk refreshments available.

Come and have a laugh and a fun night out at ‘the Rep’.