Bridgetown is a small town of about 4500 people in the green rolling hills of South Western Australia. The repertory club was first formed in 1932 and has continued to be active up to this time without any break. During the 2nd World War those members who were able pressed on raising money for the troops overseas. As most theatre groups would have suspended operations for the duration of the war we think that this may make the club unique in W,A. and quite possibly in Australia.
During the late fifties the club members finally realised their long held dream, a home of their own. Through hard work, a lot of community support and no Government assistance whatever they built the theatre pictured above. The building is privately owned by the club and is a one hundred and sixty five seat theatre with a sloped auditorium and a good sized stage. There are dressing rooms equipt with toilets on both sides of the stage with a good sized green room behind plus a seperate wardrobe building out the back. The auditorium, foyer, dressing rooms and green room are all now carpeted and airconditioned. Being now over 50 years old the building requires constant maintainance but we seem to be keeping on top of it. Listed below are some of the addditions and improvements that have been accomplished during the last seven years or so.
2005: The front veranda was rebuilt to provide more room and to facilitate wheelchair access.
2006: Carpeting was laid in the foyer and auditorium.
2007: Airconditioning installed in the auditorium, a s/h glass door fridge purchased for the kitchen and the ladies dressing room was refurbished with new walls, carpets, lighted mirrors, airconditioning and a new toilet.
2008: The foyer was redone with new panelling and paint and a new lighting platform built in front of the old lighting box. We also istalled a camera out in the auditorium to allow the stage manager to follow the action on the stage when the view was blocked from the side of the stage by a set.
2009: A large new sign was located down near the highway and work comenced on the gentlemens dressing room. A deal was negotiated with the Shire and Main Roads to exchange land so as to make more room for parking and to enable us to build a disabled toilet block. Although aproved, four years later it has yet to be finalised, so, still no disabled toilets.
2010: The gentlemans dressing room was finished with new walls and ceiling, carpets, wash basin, toilet, lighted mirrors and airconditioning. plus a patio was built over the front veranda.
2011: Mostly repairs to the building and maintainance to the electrics.A new water heater was needed for the kitchen and we puchased a new industrial type vacumn cleaner for the green room. New lighted signs to advertise the shows were erected in place of the old metal ones which had been there since 1973.
2012: The green room was completely stripped out, re-insulated and the walls giprocked. It was then painted and a brand new kitchen and new fridge were installed. New carpet runners were then laid thoughout the backstage area. This was accomplished with the assistance of some gentlemen from Bunbury Prison and our thanks go to them for the great job they did. A TV monitor was also purchased for the foyer so as to entertain the audiences whilst they wait to go in.
2013: Repairs were carried out to the cladding on the roadside of the building and to the kitchen ceiling. The dimmable lighing was finally re-installed in the auditorium and a monitor was installed in the green room so as the cast could follow what is happening on stage. A pair of lockable glass fronted fridges were also purchsed for the kitchen.
2014: A complete revamp of the area above the stage with everything being removed and a new truss system installed with two new sets of tab curtains complete with tracks plus, three new sets of sky cloths. This will entail a revamp of the lighting bars and pulley systems. Great fun. (Update) This has now been completed and works a treat. We have also replaced all the old stage lights with digital ones (not in the original plan but, they needed to go soomer or later so sooner it was.) Next job is to replace the guttering.